Using the TI-83


You can use the Inequality Graphing Application to:

We will find the solution
to the system of inequalities
shown here. The first two
will have to be solved for
y in order to enter them
into the graph editor.
Select the application.
Open the application and
you will be taken to the
graph editor window.
Move the cursor over the
= sign. The symbols in
the menu at the bottom
are accessed via F1-F5
by pressing and
then the number you wish.
Press [F3] for Y1
and Y2. Press [F5] for Y3.
Enter the values shown.
Notice the shading shown
to the left of the equation
To enter the inequality,
move the cursor to the X=
and press ENTER to access
the X= editor.
Put the inequality in as shown.
Set the window.
Now press .
Press [F1] to access the
Shades menu.
Select the 1: Ineq Intersection
option. This will show the area
of intersection. You can also
have the union shaded if you
want that to be shown.
Press [F3] and you can
find the intersection points.
Use the cursor to move to each of
the intersection points.