Using the TI-83


You can use the Polynomial Root Finder Application to:

Select the application.

This is the menu for the
Select the polynomial
root finder.

The Poly Root Finder
main screen is displayed.
Here you will enter the
information about the
polynomial and select
options for your answer.
Press the key.
To access the menu at
the bottom of the screen,
use the graphing keys
below the option.

We will now find the roots
for the 2nd degree
polynomial equation
Enter the coefficients
and press SOLVE.

The solution is shown.
To change the coefficients
to solve another equation,
just select COEF and enter
another set of coefficients.
To change to a different
degree polynomial, go back
to the MODE menu and
select another order.
Now we will solve a 4th
degree equation with the
coefficients shown.
All of these solutions are
real numbers.
You can select COEF and
change the coefficients.
Note that the last two
solutions are shown in the
complex form. They are
not real number solutions.
Selecting STO will allow
to choose how you want to
store the solutions or the
polynomial. You can store
the solutions or coefficients
to a list. Or, you can store
the polynomial to the
graph editor and then
graph the polynomial.

You can use the Simultaneous Equations Solver Application to: