Using the TI-83


Select the application.

You will see this.
If you don't see this
screen, then it is active
and just press
2: Continue.

Press .
Make sure you are in Func mode.
Press A
+ B + C to
enter the expression
Press to display
the SETTINGS screen. >|| on
the second line reflects the
Transformation Graphing play
type you selected on the
screen. Use the down cursor
to enter values for A,B,C.

Press 6. The graph screen
is displayed automatically.
The selected function and the
current values of the coefficients
A, B, and C are shown.

Whichever coefficient is highlighted
will be changed and the graph
redrawn by pressing .You can use
the up and down cursor to move
among the coefficients.

You can also use the cursor to
change all of the variables to
whatever values you wish to see
the resulting graph for.
Highlight the coefficient and
then enter the number you want.
The Graph Format screen has an
extra setting: TrailOff or
TrailOn.The default setting is Off.
TrailOn shows the effect of
changing the value of a coefficient
by leaving a dotted shadow of the
previous graphs.