I. Function Keys

G. STO (storing)

Using the key gives you the ability to store values in different variables. By storing a value in a variable, you can then use that variable in expressions, programs, lists, matrices, etc. The value will remain the same on the home screen until you change it.

The simplest way to store a value in a variable is to use the and the keys. If you do this you do not have to access the ALPHA mode.

Example 1: To store the value ln 1.5 in the variable X, enter ln (1.5) .

One way to utilize the store feature is to check a solution to an equation you have solved, especially when the solution is an exact value.

Example 2: Suppose you have solved the equation and you want to check your solutions . You can check these very easily on your TI-86.

Store the first
solution in X.
Enter the equation using X
and see if it is 0.
Repeat with the other value.
3E-13 is equivalent to 0.

Storing a value in X will not affect a graph.

You can store a value in any variable if you use the key. For example, to store the value 15 in the variable N, you would press: 15 .