II. Menu Keys - Keys that offer choices

A. Catalog and Custom

The CATALOG is a menu key that lists all TI-86 functions and instructions in alphabetical order. The items that begin with something other than a letter are at the end of the CATALOG. This can be useful if you are having difficulty locating a function or instruction. From whatever window you are in (home screen, graph, program) you can open the catalog menu, find the function or instruction you want, and then press ENTER. The function or instruction you have selected will appear in that screen.

Example: Insert the function abs (absolute value) into the home screen.

Access the catalog.
Press ENTER.

Use the cursors to move up and down to navigate the lists or use F1 (for page down) and F2 (for page up). You can also enter the beginning letter of the function to go to the first item that begins with that letter.

Whenever you access one of these menus, you will see the menu items CUSTM and BLANK (See the above screen). You can create your own custom menu of up to 15 items. They can be changed at any time. This is particularly useful since you can select the functions that you use most often in a particular course.

To insert a function or instruction into your CUSTOM menu, follow the guide below.

Example: Insert the instruction Radian into the CUSTOM menu in the first slot and then put in the second slot. Then go to the home screen and convert 12.245 to a fraction.

Access CATLG: .
Press .
Move to Radian*.
Press (CUSTM).
Press .
Scroll to .**
Press .
Press (QUIT).
Enter 12.245, .
Press .

*Use the cursors, F1 for page down, or enter the 5 key which corresponds to the letter R.

**To scroll down more quickly, continue to press to scroll down a page at a time.

You can replace an entry in the custom menu by entering an item over it. You can erase an item in the menu by using BLANK.