II. Menu Keys - Keys that offer choices


The CONV (Conversions) Menu is an extremely useful menu. It allows you to convert from measurements in one unit to the equivalent value in another unit. For example, you can convert from gallons to liters, from inches to meters, etc. The units in the conversion must be compatible. You cannot convert gallons to inches, for example.

***NOTE: When you are converting a negative value, you must enclose the number and the negative sign within parentheses. Otherwise the conversion is done and then the negative sign is added. For example, if you are converting a measurement of -4, you must enter it as (-4).

The CONV (Conversions) Menu

  1. LNGTH (length)
  2. AREA
  3. VOL (volume)
  4. TIME
  5. TEMP (temperature)
  6. MASS
  7. FORCE
  8. PRESS (pressure)
  9. ENRGY (energy)
  10. POWER
  11. SPEED