II. Menu Keys - Keys that offer choices


The MEM (memory) menu allows you to manage your memory by deleting variables, programs, etc. You can check the amount of memory you have and you can reset the memory to the default settings. However, since there is no undelete ability, be certain that you are deleting something you no longer need.

1. RAM: shows the amount of memory that is being used.

2. DELETE: will allow you to delete different items. When you access delete, another menu will be shown and you can access the part that you wish to delete.

Move the cursor to the element you wish to delete and press ENTER. Remember that there is no undelete, so be careful with this menu.

3. RESET will clear ALL data.

4. TOL allows you to set the tolerance that is used in calculations. These settings control the computational accuracy of some functions and can affect the speed at which values are calculated or functions graphed.

5. ClrEnt (Clear Entry) will clear the values that are stored in the storage area ENTRY.