V. DRAW Menu

B. Shade

To access Shade, enter the keys . This option will shade a designated area of a graph. You can also designate a pattern and a pattern resolution. This can create some interesting graphs. The format for Shade is

Shade(lower function, upper function, [xLeft, xRight, pattern, patternRes])

Only the upper function and the lower function are required.

The pattern is specified
by a number.
1 vertical (Default)
2 horizontal
3 negative slope


positive slope


The pattern resolution has eight options.
1 every pixel (Default)
2 every second pixel
3 every third pixel
4 every fourth pixel
5 every fifth pixel
6 every sixth pixel
7 every seventh pixel

every eighth pixel

The following examples demonstrate various options with the Shade menu. Note that you can enter the functions in the equation editor, or you can enter the function on the home screen. The values of xMin and xMax are set with WINDOW and are the defaults for xLeft and xRight. Make certain that functions are turned off that you do not want graphed. Also, you need to clear a drawing (CLDRW) before entering a new one.