II. Setting a Window - Finding One That Works

B. Examples

5. Exponential Function Examples

Make certain you enter the exponential functions correctly.

i) Example 1: Graph the function . ZDECM does not give a good graph, but a look at the table indicates that ZSTD will be a good window to use.

Enter the function.


ii) Example 2: Graph the function . You can see that ZDECM doesn't show very much of the graph, but ZSTD does. Notice that the domain of the function is X>2.

Enter the function.
Using ZDECM.
Using ZSTD.

iii) Example 3: Graph the function . Instead of using TABLE to find this window, we will use the TRACE feature to determine a proper viewing window. You can see that the y-values are quite small, so the window will have to reflect that.

Enter the function.
Start with ZDECM
and use TRACE to find values.
Use these values
to set the window.
Check negative values.
Set the window.
Graph the function.
1. Polynomial
2. Trigonometric
3. Radical
4. Rational
5. Exponential
6. Logarithmic