Graphing a function on a TI-89 requires entering the function properly and finding a suitable window. Once you have performed these two tasks, you can begin to analyze the graph.

A. Polynomial

B. Trigonometry

C. Rational

D. Exponential

E. Radical

F. Logarithm

A. Overview

1. Window

2. Zoom

3. Trace

4. Table

B. Examples

1. Polynomial

2. Trigonometry

3. Rational

4. Exponential

5. Radical

6. Logarithm

C. Style
A. F1 - Tools

B. F2 - Zoom

C. F3 - Trace
D. F4 - Regraph
E. F5 - Math
F. F6 - Draw
G. F7 - Pen
A. Derivative
B. Greatest Integer
C. Integral
D. Inverse Trig
E. Piecewise
A. Parametric
B. Polar