II. Setting Windows and Styles

A. Overview

4. Table - F4, F5

The TABLE feature of the TI-89 is one of the most powerful and useful in graph analysis and in finding a proper window for difficult functions. You can display a defined function in tabular form.

You can have the table select the x value in pre-assigned increments beginning at a specified starting point. Or, you can set to table to allow you to enter the values you wish to evaluate.

You can clear the table by entering .

Auto Filled Table

Enter 2 functions. Press . Use the cursor to
select AUTO. Press Enter.

Set a starting value
and an increment. If
Graph <-> Table is
On, the values match
the Graph screen.

Press to
access the table. The
values of x are filled
in according to how
you set it up.
You can use the up or
down cu
rsor to scroll
through values of x.

Manual Filled Table

Press .
Set the Independent
variable to ASK.
Press ENTER to save.
Type in a value for x.
Press to move to
the entry line.
You need to scroll down
to another line
or else the same cell
will continue to be
When a cell is selected
the value is shown
below, not rounded.
You can change the cell
width by pressing
or 9.
Here the value has been
changed to a width of 9.
The MODE must be
set to 9 or more for
all 9 spaces to be filled.
Multiple values can be
entered at once. Highlight
a cell and press .
Press ENTER and the
values fill the cells.