II. Setting Windows and Styles

A. Overview

3. Trace - F3

When a graph has been drawn, press to access the Trace function. You will see a screen something like the one below. Use the cursors to move the value.

to access Trace.
Use the cursors, or
to trace along the graph.

To see a particular value
of the function, just
press the value and .
For example, the number -1,
was pressed for this graph.

If you enter a value for x that is not shown in the window, you will get an error message. To find the value of the function for values of x beyond the window, use the Table.

If you have more than one function graphed, use the up cursor, , or down cursor, , to move from one graph to another.




I. Entering
II. Windows
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III. Working
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IV. Special
V. Other
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