III. Working With Graphs

C. F3 - Trace

Trace is very useful in graph analysis. Even when a part of the graph is not visible on the screen you can use Trace to find y-values. When using Trace, the x-values are restricted to the interval [xmin, xmax]. For values of x outside of that interval, you need to change the window or use TABLE.

You can use the left and right cursors to trace along the graph or you can enter a value for x. If you enter a value of x outside the interval [xmin, xmax], you will get an error message. However, if you just use the cursor to trace along the graph, the graph will be redrawn as you move out of the original interval.

Trace can be quite useful when analyzing a graph that has especially small or large values of y.

Example: Enter the graph and use Trace to examine the y-values. Note that even though the graph does not show on the screen, the values are shown.

Enter the function. Use ZoomDec. Access Trace and
enter x=1.