II. Basic Calculations

F. Trigonometric Operations

There are six trigonometric functions that can be accessed on the keypad. The other trigonometric functions have to be created with a fraction or with a negative exponent. You can also use the reciprocal key which can be accessed via the CATALOG.


The MODE (radian/degree) will affect the output of the trigonometric functions. In radian mode, you will often use . You can access by entering .

Sine: (Radian Mode)
Notice the different output for
sin(-3) and sin(-3.). You need the
decimal point to get a numerical
approximation for the output.

To calculate a power of a trig function,
you do not have to enter the outside
set of parentheses. The calculator
will insert them.
To calculate the reciprocal functions,
secant, cosecant, and cotangent, use the
reciprocal key or a fraction.

The input for inverse sine function is the
interval [-1,1]. The output is always in
the interval .

The input for the inverse cosine function
is the interval [-1,1]. If you enter a number out
of the interval, you will receive an error message.
The output for the inverse cosine function
is the interval .

If you want to use Greek characters, you can access them using the CHAR (Greek) menu.

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