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You can save a lot of time by learning to use ANS, and ENTRY. These two operations allow you to re-execute an entry as it is or to change it. You can use ANS to reuse the last calculated answer in a new expression.

Re-executing an entry is useful in calculations that require several iterations.

When you press to evaluate an expression, the expression remains in the entry line and is highlighted as shown below. You can type over this entry or you can use it again.

Enter the expression, evaluate,
and store it in a
variable named xyz. Press .
Now square the expression
and store it in xyz.
Press to square the result again.
Press to square the result again.

Any previous entry that is stored in the history area can be recalled even if it has rolled off the top of the screen. Whatever you recall will replace the current entry on the entry line. You can do this by pressing [ENTRY]. This can be useful if you want to recall a previous entry and change it in some way.

When an expression is evaluated, the answer is stored in a variable named ans(1). This number can be inserted into the entry line by pressing [ANS]. The variable ans(2) contains the next-to-last answer; ans(3), ans(4), etc. contain previous answers as well.

Evaluate the expression.

Press and
note that ans(1) appears.

Press to evaluate.

Now press 2 and
Recall ans(2) by pressing
and change the
1 to a 2. Press .
Multiply by 5 by entering X 5 and .
Note that ans(2) was now
stored in ans(1).


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