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    C. 3:List    

 Press . Use and
to select the menu of choice.

Not all options are given in the entry format. Options that are used frequently will be included, but others are omitted from the table. For a complete format listing, you can check the TI-89 manual. Results in complex mode are not covered. They can be found in the manual.

Entry Format
1:seq seq(expression, var, low,high [,step]) Returns a sequence of values.
Sequence begins at "low"
and runs through "high".
The default for the step is 1.
2:min min(expression1, expression2)
Returns the minimum of two
3:max max(expression1, expression2)
Returns the maximum of two
4:SortA listName1[,listName2],... Sorts the elements of the first
argument in ascending order.
The list must be named first;
then sort the list; then you
can display the list.
5:SortD listName1[,listName2],... Same as SortA, except that
SortD sorts in descending order.
6:sum sum(list) Returns the sum of the list.
This can also be used to find
the sum of a sequence.
7:cumSum cumSum(list) Returns a list of the cumulative
sums of the arguments in the list.
It begins at the first element.
8:product product(list) Returns the product of the
elements in the list.

left(sourceString [,num])
left(list1 [,num])

Returns the leftmost "num" of
characters in a string. The default
is the entire string.
The " key is .
A:mid mid(sourceString,start [,count])
mid(sourceList,start [,count])
Returns "count" characters from
the list, beginning with element
number start.
B:right right(list1 [ ,num]) Returns the rightmost "num"
characters in the list1.
C:polyEval polyEval(list1,expression1
Interprets the first argument as the
coefficient of a polynomial.
The degrees should be descending.
Returns the polynomial evaluated
for the value of the second argument.
D:list>mat list>mat(list [,elementsPerRow]) Returns a matrix filled row by row
with the elements in the list. The
default for "elementsPerRow" is
the number of elements in list.
E:mat>list mat>list(matrix) Returns a list filled with the elements
in "matrix". The elements are copied
row by row.

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