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    G. 7:Probability    

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Not all options are given in the entry format. Options that are used frequently will be included, but others are omitted from the table. For a complete format listing, you can check the TI-89 manual. Results in complex mode are not covered. They can be found in the manual.

Entry Format
1:! expression1! Returns the factorial of the argument.
The values must be non-negative
whole numbers.
2:nPr NPR(expression1,expression2) NPR( ) is the number of permutations
of expression1 things taken
expression2 at a time.
3:nCr NCR(expression1,expression2) NCR( ) is the number of combinations
of expression1 things taken
expression2 at a time.
4:rand rand([n]) n is an integer, but not 0.
If n is omitted, the next random
number between 0 and 1 in the
sequence is returned.
5:randNorm randNorm(mean,sd) Returns a decimal number from the
normal distribution.
6:RandSeed RandSeed number If number=0, sets the seeds to the
factory defaults for the random number
generator. If the number is not 0, then
two seeds are generated and stored
in system variables seed1 and seed2.
7:randMat randMat(numRows,numColumns) Returns a matrix of integers between
-9 and 9 of the specified dimension.
8:randPoly randPoly(var,order) Returns a polynomial in var of the
specified order. The coefficients are
random integers in the range -9 to 9.
The leading coefficient will not be 0.

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