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    F. 6:Statistics    

 Press . Use and
to select the menu of choice.

Not all options are given in the entry format. Options that are used frequently will be included, but others are omitted from the table. For a complete format listing, you can check the TI-89 manual. Results in complex mode are not covered. They can be found in the manual.

Entry Format
1:OneVar OneVar list1 Calculates 1-variable statistics
and updates all the system variables.
The list must be saved before the
operation is used. Use the and
keys to store the name.
Then ShowStats is used by pressing
2:TwoVar TwoVar list1, list2

Calculates the 2-variable statistics
and updates all the system variable.
The lists must have equal dimensions.
Follow the same steps as above for
1-variable stats.
Scroll down to view all stats.


For all these regression operations, lists must be
stored prior to the operation being called into
use. ShowStats is used by pressing
The regression formulas can be graphed.

LinReg list1,list2 Linear regression.
All of the operations follow the same steps as shown for the linear regression.
4:mean mean(list) Returns the mean of the elements
in the list.
5:variance variance(list) Returns the variance of the list.
6:stdDev stdDev(list) Returns the standard deviation
of the elements in the list.
7:median median(list) Returns the median of the list.
8:ShowStat ShowStat Displays a dialog box containing
the last computed statistics results.

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