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The TI-89 will compare two values using one of the relational operators shown in the figure below. The calculator will return a value of true or false. The values can be real or complex numbers, expressions, or lists. The operators can be used in programs to control the flow of a program. One of the uses that students in algebra, trigonometry, or calculus will find useful is with piecewise defined graphs.

 Press . Use and
to select the menu of choice.

Not all options are given in the entry format. Options that are used frequently will be included, but others are omitted from the table. For a complete format listing, you can check the TI-89 manual. Results in complex mode are not covered. They can be found in the manual.

Some of these operations can be accessed using the and keys.

For <, press . For , press .
For >,press . For , press .
Entry Format
1:>, 2:<,
3:, 4:,
5:=, 6:

expression1 = expression2
list1 = list2
matrix1 = matrix2

Other operations are entered
the same as equals.

Returns true if expression1=expression2.
Returns false if expression 1 is
determined to not be equal
to expression2.
Anything else returns a simplified form
of the equation.
For lists and matrices, returns
comparisons element by element.
7:not not Boolean expression1 Returns true, false, or a simplified
Boolean expression1.
8:and Boolean expression1 and expression2
Boolean list1 and list2
Boolean matrix1 and matrix2
Returns true or false or a simplified
form of the original entry.

Boolean expression1 or
     Boolean expression2

Returns true or false or a simplified
form of the original entry.
Returns true if either or both expressions
simplify to true.
Returns false only if both expressions
evaluate to false.
A:xor Boolean expression1 xor
    Boolean expression2
Returns true if Boolean expression1 is true
and Boolean expression2 is false, or vice versa.
Returns false if Boolean expression 1 and
Boolean expression2 are both true or both false.
B:isPrime isPrime(number) Returns true or false to indicate if
number is prime.

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