Software Distribution

The examples and exercises in the book are based on software that comes from two sources. The first is a public domain, multi-platform windowing tookit for C++ named wxWindows. The second is a set of classes that simplifies the wxWindows system, allowing students to write smaller, simpler programs earlier in the course. The distribution below contain detailed directions on where to find and how to install the wxWindows library as well as the book-specific classes. For Visual C++ (version 5.0) users, a prebuilt version of the wxWindows library is available below. Other users will need to build the wxWindows library for their system. The wxWindows home page contains additional guidlelines and help resources beyong those given in each distribution below.

The software for the book is available both for Unix systems and for Windows'95/NT systems with Visual C++.

Code for Unix Systems: Code for Windows '95/NT

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