Life on Earth by Audesirk & Audesirk

Chapter 3 Biological Molecules
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Biochemistry Online
This is an online journal focusing on issues in biochemistry. A few of the resources on this page include links to molecular images, imaging software, original essays in biochemistry, biochemistry journals, and other educational resources.

Cell and Molecular Biology Online
This is a place that offers a large number of resources in a broad range of catagories. A few of the resources on this page include links to electronic publications, educational resources, protocols of molecular biology techniques, and job listings in biology.

Large Macromolecules
This is a place that has additional information, diagrams, and pictures about large molecules - how they are connected, what they are made of, why they stay together and what they look like.

Membrane Proteins Introduction
This is a place that gives a basic introduction to membranes and proteins. There are more pages included that explain and show how a protein looks and works.

Primer on Molecular Genetics (Department of Energy)
This is a place for detailed information on genetics - from genomes and DNA sequencing, to protein structures and gene mapping. There are some diagrams and places linked to give you additional information.

What the Heck is an Enzyme?
This is a place to get an excellent description of an enzyme and what it does - humorously written and easy to understand.

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