Life on Earth by Audesirk & Audesirk

Chapter 5 Cell Structure and Function
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Behind The Lens: An Interview with Lennart Nilsson
This site describes pioneering work in micro-photography developed by Lennart Nilsson.

Cells Alive!
This is a place with a large selection of cell images and descriptions. It is a great place to learn about cell diversity.

Cell Biology Chapter Directory
This is a place with an overview about all aspects of the cell. Many other pages are connected that show the different parts of a cell and explain how they work. This link also mentions special researchers in the area.

Cell Structure
This is a place to reinforce cellular information. You'll find great diagrams, tutorials, and extra pages to search for more detailed information on cells and their functions.

Dictionary of Cell Biology
This is the online companion to The Dictionary of Cell Biology first published by Academic Press in 1989. This site is a free resource where you will can search for terms and concepts in cell biology.

Endosymbiotic Theory
This site discusses the theory proposed by Lynn Margulis that eukaryote cells evolved from prokaryotic organisms maintaining a symbiotic relationship with bacteria cells. It was developed by Josh Bond, a student at DeKalb College, Georgia.

Membrane Proteins Introduction
This is a place that briefly introduces and summarizes membrane proteins.

Microbial Cells
This is a place where you'll find wonderful pictures, graphics, movies, and animations that explore the different aspects of various cells and what they do. Topics range from "Swimming E-Coli" to "The Parasites."

Protist Image Data
This is a place where you'll find pictures and resources about protist biology.

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