Life on Earth by Audesirk & Audesirk

Chapter 16 Principles of Evolution
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Enter Evolution: Theory and History
This is a place with a series of essays, from the UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology, that address evolution and introduce various scientists who were instrumental in its development as a scientific discipline.

Paper Dinosaurs
This is an online collection of original printed materials related to the history of dinosaur discovery. It is from the collections of the Linda Hall Library.

The Evolutionist
This is an online magazine dedicated to the study of evolutionary ideas. At this site you'll find articles, interviews, and web resources to help you expand your knowledge of evolution.

The History of Geology
This is a place that describes the history of geology and its relationship to the development of evolutionary thought.

The Origin of Species
This is a place to find Darwin's book, The Origin of Species.

The Talk.Origins Archive
This is a place for conversation-a newsgroup that is devoted to the discussion of issues related to biological and physical origins. Topics discussed include but are not limited to evolution, creation, abiogenesis, catastrophism, cosmology, and theology. Be assured that you will find lively, often heated, exchanges between people of all persuasions.

The Tree of Life
This is a place with great pictures, references, and text that explains the phylogenetic relationships of all life on Earth.

Timing is Everything
This is an essay by Joe Levine discussing embryology and developmental biology as it relates to evolutionary theory. You should also read the related evolution/creation debate titled How Did We Get Here?". It is between Kenneth R. Miller from Brown University and Phillip E. Johnson from the University of California. A third site worth your time is titled Morphing Embryos. From this page you'll be able to view several time-laps sequences of embryo development.

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