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Chapter 25 Chemical Control of the Human Body: The Endocrine System
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Endocrine Diseases
This is a place with a comprehensive list of Internet resources for the study of endocrine diseases. Many of the sites have links dealing with disease of the endocrine system and where to get more information.

Immunopathology Laboratory
This is a place where you can use your knowledge of immunopathology to diagnosis diseases in humans. There are great pictures even if you don't want to figure out the diseases.

Endocrine Pathology Laboratory
This is a place where you can apply your knowledge of endocrine diseases to interpret clinical history, laboratory tests, and pathologic findings for diagnosis of endocrine lesions.

Gonadal Steroid Regulation of Neuroendocrine Function
This place presents a discussion of steroid hormones and their role in reproductive biology.

Current Topics in Endocrine Research
This place is sponsored by the Oregon Health Sciences University. It is a collection of information about the research taking place at this facility. In addition to telling you about its reserch, this site offers you the opportunity to communicate with staff scientists to further your knowledge in this area.

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