Life on Earth by Audesirk & Audesirk

Chapter 28 Population Growth and Regulation
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Carrying Capacity as an Ethical Concept
This is an article by Garrett Hardin, Professor of Biology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. In this article, Hardin discusses human ecology and its impact on our environment.

Demography Demonstration
This place provides a superior interactive demography demonstration. Refer to pages 861-867 in your textbook for help in understanding the principles effecting population dynamics. Can you modify the values for the birth and mortality rates within the simulation to stabilize the population?

The Mathematics of Population Increase
This is a good lesson on the math used in calculating population growth.

Way Too Many for Us
This is a short essay on the impending effects of unlimited human population growth on our world. This should give you plenty to consider and discuss.

Zero Population Growth
This is the home page for the group Zero Population Growth. It is a nonprofit organization concerned with the effects of rapid population growth and wasteful consumption.

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