A Measure of Private Self-Consciousness

Answer the following questions as honestly and accurately as possible on a scale from 1 to 5, where:

1 = extremely uncharacteristic (not at all like me)
2 = somewhat uncharacteristic
3 = neither characteristic nor uncharacteristic
4 = somewhat characteristic
5 = extremely characteristic (very much like me)
1.I知 always trying to figure myself out.
2.Generally, I知 not very aware of myself.
3.I reflect about myself a lot.
4.I知 often the subject of my own fantasies.
5.I never scrutinize myself.
6.I知 generally attentive to my inner feelings.
7.I知 constantly examining my motives.
8.I sometimes have the feeling that I知 off somewhere watching myself.
9.I知 alert to changes in my mood.
10.I知 aware of the way my mind works when I work through a problem.

(Adapted from Fenigstein et al., 1975)