V. DRAW Menu

C. Circle

There are several ways to graph a circle on the TI-83. You can graph a circle in rectangular mode, parametric mode, and polar mode. However, these all require that a function or functions be entered. If you want to just draw a circle, you can do it through the DRAW menu, but it will just be a drawing of a circle and TRACE, TABLE, CALC, etc. do not apply.

Example: Draw a circle of radius 8 with center at (-2,2). Use a square window by entering [Ymin, Ymax] and then ZSquare.

Set [Ymin, Ymax]=[-8,10]
and then enter ZSquare.
Access DRAW Circle.
Enter the center
and then the radius.
Press ENTER.

To delete the circle, enter 1.

A. Tangent
B. Draw Inverse
C. Circle