I. Entering Functions to Graph on the TI-89

B. Trigonometric Functions

The TI-89 has keys for sine, cosine, and tangent. You can use a ratio to graph cosecant, secant, and cotangent. Or, you can create user-defined functions.

1. Entering Sine, Cosine, and Tangent Functions

To access the trigonometric keys, use the key strokes shown below.

Enter Keys

When you access one of these functions, the TI-89 will also enter the left parenthesis. Notice that in the functions below, you have to be careful when entering a trigonometric function raised to a power. is entered using .

Calculator Entry

2. Entering Cosecant, Secant, and Cotangent Functions

You can enter these functions using the reciprocal identities, or you can create user-defined functions. For some functions, there can be more than one way to enter it. As you gain experience, you will learn alternate ways that you may prefer.

Calculator Entry


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