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Fundamentals of Software Engineering, Second Edition

Carlo Ghezzi, Mehdi Jazayeri, and Dino Mandrioli

Welcome to the Companion Website to Fundamentals of Software Engineering, Second Edition.

The book introduces the student to the foundations of the field of software engineering. The first edition of this book was published in 1991 and was successfully used by many students and teachers over the years. The second edition maintains the structure of the first edition and updates the material based on the research developments in the last decade. Software engineering is evolving rapidly with changes in technologies and application areas. This book is about the principles and not the current hot topics. It helps the student cope with the rapid changes by presenting a firm foundation to the field. All phases of software are covered: requirements, architecture, design, and validation. It also presents process models and software tools.

Book Resources

  • A complete set of PowerPoint slides for each chapter
  • A set of chapter objectives
  • A link to the authors’ website enables you to view up-to-date material and also contact the authors

We hope you enjoy the book, and that it makes you a better software engineer.
The authors: Carlo Ghezzi, Mehdi Jazayeri, and Dino Mandrioli

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