For Econometric Analysis, 5th ed
By William Greene, Version 2.0
(c) Econometric Software, Inc. 2003

EA/LimDep is a computer program that you can use for nearly all the computations described in Econometric Analysis. It is a small part of a large commercial package, LIMDEP (for LIMited DEPendent variable modeling), that is used by researchers in universities, government, and industry for the same kinds of analyses done in this text.

There are three differences between EA/LimDep and LIMDEP:

  • The sizes of data sets that you can analyze are restricted to 500,000 values with up to 100 variables and up to 5,000 observations.
  • LIMDEP's very specialized procedures, such as the nested logit model and advanced extensions of the Poisson regression model are not available in EA/LimDep. (You will be able to do all of the computations described in Econometric Analysis save for the more advanced model extensions in Chapters 19 and 20.)
  • The number of parameters in a model is restricted to 15 parameters. (None of the models estimated in the text were larger than this.)

Click here to download a copy of the EA/LimDep program

      You will receive a full copy by clicking the text above and emailing your email address and the accompanying textbook isbn in the message.  Note, you will receive a "self extracting archive" file named ealsetup.exe. Save this file onto a work directory anywhere on your computer's hard disk. After you save this program, you must execute it to unpack the setup kit for EA/LimDep.   By double clicking the name of the file in any explorer, you will execute the unzipping program which will create SETUP.EXE and a group of other files on your computer's hard drive.  Now, to set up EA/LimDep on your computer, you must execute the setup program.  The setup procedure for EA/LimDep is exceedingly simple and will take only a minute or so.  There are no decisions for you to make; just allow the installation program to put the program in the default locations.

     EA/LimDep may be downloaded when you purchase of Econometric Analysis, 5th Edition. EA/LimDep is intended only for single individual use in conjunction with the textbook. It may not be redistributed. EA/LimDep may not be installed on any network in any institutional setting, nor may it be installed in any computing laboratory for general use. Any other use of the software constitutes a violation of the copyright of Econometric Software, Inc., the provider of the software.

    Because EA/LimDep is free with the textbook purchase, please be aware that it does not come with provision of technical support. EA/LimDep is a teaching tool and is not designed as a substitute for the complete LIMDEP software. Please understand that the restrictions in the program are "hardwired." You cannot increase the size of data set that EA/LimDep can handle, and the unavailable features are not missing because of flaws in the program; they are disabled.

    If you are interested in utilizing all of the modeling tools, program features and data capacity of LIMDEP, you may purchase the complete LIMDEP software package as a first time purchaser. We do emphasize, because EA/LimDep is free with your purchase of Econometric Analysis, you are not eligible for update prices or any discounts on your LIMDEP software purchase. The LIMDEP documentation is included with a LIMDEP software license, but is not available for purchase by EA/LimDep users.

Click here to download the manual for EA/LimDep in MS-Word format (3.7 KB)

     You can read this file with Microsoft Word.

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    You need a copy of the Acrobat Reader to read Adobe .PDF files.  You can download a free copy of Acrobat reader by visiting www.adobe.com and making your way to the download are for the Acrobat reader.  After you install the Acrobat reader, you will be able to read PDF files just by double clicking their names in any explorer window.