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Roger T. Howe of the University of California at Berkeley and Charles G. Sodini of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology offer a bold new approach to the study of analog/digital electronics and basic device physics in their text. A focus on modern silicon integrated circuit technology provides students with early exposure to up-to-date applications; a flexible organization allows professors to tailor their courses to the appropriate breadth and depth for their students. This web site is designed to make it even easier to use this innovative text.

For instructors, we will provide lecture notes and transparencies for use as hand-outs or overheads. These notes are easily viewed on the web, or can be downloaded to your own machine. All you need is a copy of the Adobe Acrobat player, which you can download for free by hitting the link below. Mark Law of the University of Florida will also provide teaching notes illustrating how he uses this text in his classroom.

For students, the web site supplies Answers to the Even Problems and a one-semester Lab Manual . The manual, which is used in a junior-level electronics course at UC Berkeley, is based on a set of Microlinear, Inc. BiCMOS tile array lab chips that allow undergraduate students, for the first time, to measure modern integrated devices and analog and digital circuit building blocks. Both documents utilize Adobe Acrobat. Instructors can also order a Solutions Manual via links to Prentice Hall .

Download Adobe Acrobat to read the Lab Manual in PDF format.

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