HyperCase Additional Exercises

Chapter 5 - Information Gathering: Unobtrusive Methods

Use STROBE to analyze the following offices. In a paragraph or two, explain what inferences you can draw from your observations. You may alternatively work in a small group and discuss what you learned from your observations. Explain your findings to the class.

  1. Kathy Blandford

    1. What does Blandford's office tell you?

  2. Snowden Evans

    1. What is the look and feel of Evans's office? What does it tell you?
    2. What important document did you find that gives information about the Training Unit?
    3. What kind of computers does Evans have?
    4. Why does he have two computers (speculate)?
    5. What useful thing did you find when examining the computers?

  3. Daniel Hill

    1. Is he a formal or casual person?
    2. Open or rather secretive?

  4. James F. Hyatt

    1. What does his office tell you?

  5. Thomas Ketcham

    1. What did you learn from his office?
    2. His phone call?
    3. His use of his computer?
    4. What type of body language is Ketcham exhibiting?
    5. What important documents are found in Ketcham's office?

  6. Linda Lin

    1. What did you learn from her office?

  7. Roger Rabin

    1. What is the single most important item (as far as the analyst is concerned) in Rabin's office?
    2. What did you find on his computer?

  8. John Sherman

    1. What does Sherman's office tell you?
    2. What three valuable pieces of information are in Sherman's office?

  9. Melissa Smith

    1. What does Smith's office tell you?
    2. What does Smith's phone call tell you about your role in the system?
    3. What valuable objects are found in Smith's office?

  10. Warren F. Torrey

    1. What is the look and feel of Torrey's office?

  11. Todd Taylor

    1. What did you learn from Taylor's office?
    2. What valuable objects did you find in Taylor's office?

  12. Lewis McGuigan

    1. What did you find that was useful in McGuigan's office?

  13. Kate Eckert

    1. Judging from her office, how open or secretive is Kate Eckert?

  14. Nathan Donaldson

    1. List three valuable objects that you found in Donaldson's office?