HyperCase Additional Exercises

Chapter 6 - Agile Modeling and Prototyping

Either individually or in small groups, review the following screens and reports. Make a list of changes that you feel should be incorporated into the screen or report design. Things to consider are:

  1. Are all the fields on the screen necessary for accomplishing the screen function?

  2. Is the screen missing fields that would make it more useful?

  3. Which fields should not have to be entered (they would be on the system, read by the program and displayed on the screen)?

  4. Which of the fields could be turned into:

    1. List boxes
    2. Check boxes
    3. Radio buttons
    4. Drop-down list boxes
    5. Spin buttons (used to increment/decrement a number)

  5. What command buttons should be included for each screen?

  6. Is the screen aesthetically pleasing?

Critique the following screens and reports:

    Edit/Update Screens

  1. Edit Project and Milestones screen. Each project may have many milestones.

  2. Edit Milestones and Tasks. Each milestone may have many tasks.

  3. Edit Project, used to add or change project information.

  4. Edit Milestones. The screen adds a single milestone.

  5. Edit Tasks, used to add or change a single task.

  6. Edit Resources, used to add or change a human resource.

  7. Edit Requirements, used for a single requirement.

  8. Edit Assignments. Each assignment links one resource to one task.

  9. Edit Leaders, used to add or change leader information.

    Inquiry Screens

  10. Query Projects & Milestones

  11. Query Requirements

  12. Query Milestones & Tasks

  13. Query Resources

  14. Query Tasks

  15. Query Leaders

  16. Query Assignments


  17. Schedule Report, showing the milestones and task completion information for projects, as well as a Gantt chart.

  18. Budget Report, showing project milestone and task completion information.

  19. Incomplete Resource Project/Task Hours (see Ketcham).

  20. Client Project Status Report (see Ketcham).

    Web Prototypes

  21. Client Project Information (see Blanford).

  22. Employee Task Assignments (see Rabin).

  23. Resource Project/Task Hours (see Sherman).

  24. Add Project (see Taylor).

  25. Add Client (see Taylor)

    Creating Prototypes

  26. Create the following prototypes, either on paper or using software that you are familiar with. Elicit feedback from other students or members of your team.

    1. Project History Report, presenting summary information about the project.

    2. Project budget or time exception report. This would list all projects over budget or behind schedule.

    3. Project Resource Query, where an resource person's number is entered and the amount of time allocated for the person displays.

    4. Project progress query, listing the point that the project is currently at, along with milestones already accomplished.

  27. Write twelve XP stories for the GEMS system.

  28. Write twelve XP stories for the Ecommerce system.