HyperCase Hints

IN00501A.gif (2484 bytes) Hint 1: How to enable Java in your browser

In order to make HyperCase run when you click on the Start button, you must have JavaScript enabled. Depending on which Web browser you are using, perform one of the actions described below:

In Firefox, click Tools from the top menu, then select Options..., and click the Content tab. Put a check mark in the box marked "Enable JavaScript."

In Internet Explorer, click Tools from the top menu, then select Internet Options... Click the Security tab. Click the Internet icon, and the Custom Level button. Scroll to the Scripting category near the bottom and click the Active Scripting Enable radio button.

BS00824A.gif (2819 bytes) Hint 2: How to enter the offices and interview executives

In order to interview an MRE employee in HyperCase, you need to click on the red book that is on the small table in the reception area. When you do, you will bring up the MRE Corporate Telephone Directory. From there, click "Open Directory" button.

Click on any of the employee names that are a link. For example, if you click on the employee name "Kathy Blandford" you will bring up the Web page that has a picture of her in the upper left hand corner. To ask her a question, click on a question mark, and her answer will appear to the right of her picture. On the bottom of the screen is a black toolbar that displays the words "Back" "Office" and "Observations." "Back" takes you back to the phone directory. Clicking on "Office" brings up a picture of Kathy's office. Click on objects there to learn more. Clicking on "Observations " on the toolbar brings up a brief description of Kathy's outside interests.

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