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Welcome to the Digital Portfolio!

Delivering the highest quality, most intuitive, and most user-friendly digital portfolio on the market today, Merrill Education and Johns Hopkins University are pleased to bring you The Johns Hopkins University Digital Portfolio and Guide: Documenting Your Professional Growth.

Johns Hopkins University (JHU) is a nationally recognized leader in the use of portfolios in teacher education. The Johns Hopkins University Digital Portfolio is a web-based assessment and presentation application that supports the NCATE theme of professionalism while assisting students in creating a portfolio for academic, career, and personal growth.

What is The Johns Hopkins University Digital Portfolio and Guide?
  • The Digital Portfolio provides a secure online environment where educators can gather evidence, reflect, collaborate, and illustrate evidence of professional development over time.
  • The Johns Hopkins University Digital Portfolio is an electronic repository of a students' work organized around a defined set of professional principles/standards. The Digital Portfolio allows for collection and display of artifacts, such as:
    • lesson plans,
    • audio and video clips,
    • student work samples,
    • and other web-based materials.
  • The Digital Portfolio also provides:
    • an online journal for reflection,
    • and a messaging system promoting collaboration with peers and advisors.
  • An accompanying guide, produced by Johns Hopkins University, is divided into two parts and serves as an enhanced how-to guide:
    • Part I: The Teaching Portfolio introduces students to teaching portfolios--the different types and their use, as well as the elements that comprise each of them. Additionally, students will learn about the important role reflection plays in the portfolio process and how to begin planning their digital portfolio.
    • Part 2: Developing Your Own Teaching Portfolio presents a step-by-step user's guide for the JHU Digital Portfolio, including guidance and practical tips for building a digital portfolio.

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