Basic Mathematics

Basic Arithmetic, 3/e
Moon, et. al. (1990)

Basic College Mathematics, 1/e
K. Elayn Martin-Gay (1999)

Basic College Mathematics, 3/e
Bello (1990)

Basic College Mathematics, 3/e
Slater, et. al. (1998)

Basic Mathematics, 1/e
Juelg (1991)

Basic Mathematics, 2nd Printing, 1/e
Poole (1994)

Essential Mathematics: An Interactive Approac...., 1/e
Pulsinelli, et. al. (1991)

Essentials of Mathematics, 5/e
Person (1989)

Interactive Math for Basic College Math, 1/e
K. Elayn Martin-Gay (2000)

Math Skills for College Students, 1/e
Learning Express (1998)

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