Introductory Linear Algebra

ATLAST Computer Exercises for Linear Algebra, 1/e
Leon, et. al. (1997)

Applied Linear Algebra, 3/e
Noble, et. al. (1988)

Elementary Linear Algebra, 1/e
C. H. Edwards, et. al. (1988)

Elementary Linear Algebra, 7/e
Kolman, et. al. (2000)

Elementary Linear Algebra: A Matrix Approach, 1/e
Spence, et. al. (2000)

Introductory Linear Algebra with Applications, 6/e
Kolman (1997)

Linear Algebra Labs with MATLAB, 2/e
Hill, et. al. (1996)

Linear Algebra for Engineers and Scientists, 1/e
Hardy (2000)

Linear Algebra with Applications, 1/e
Bretscher (1997)

Linear Algebra with Applications, 5/e
Leon (1998)

Linear Algebra, 2/e
Hoffman, et. al. (1971)

Linear Algebra, 3/e
Friedberg, et. al. (1997)

MATLAB Project Book for Linear Algebra, 1/e
Smith (1997)

Mastering MATLAB 5: A Comprehensive Tutorial ...., 1/e
Hanselman, et. al. (1998)

Matrices and MATLAB: A Tutorial, 1/e
Marcus (1993)

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