Holland's Typology of Personality and Congruent Occupations                                                                                      

             Type                                 Personality Characteristics           Congruent Occupation

Realistic: Prefers physical
activities that require skill,
strength, and coordination
Shy, genuine, persistent, stable,
conforming, practical
Mechanic, drill press operator,
assembly-line worker, farmer
Investigative: Prefers activities
that involve thinking,
organizing, and understanding
Analytical, original, curious,
Biologist, economist,
mathematician, news reporter
Social: Prefers activities that
involve helping and
developing others
Sociable, friendly, cooperative,
Social workers, teacher,
counselor, clinical psychologist
Conventional: Prefers rule-
regulated, orderly, and
unambiguous activities
Conforming, efficient, practical,
unimaginative, inflexible
Accountant, corporate
manager, bank teller, file clerk
Enterprising: Prefers verbal
activities in which there are
opportunities to influence
others and attain power
Self-confident, ambitious,
energetic, domineering
Lawyer, real estate agent,
public relations specialist, small
business manager
Artistic: Prefers ambiguous and
unsystematic activities that
allow creative expression
Imaginative, disorderly, idealistic,
emotional, impractical
Painter, musician, writer,
interior decorator

the most incongruent situation possible. The key points of this model are that
(1) there do appear to be intrinsic differences in personality among individuals,
(2) there are different types of jobs, and (3) people in job environments congru-
ent with their personality types should be more satisfied and less likely to volun-
tarily resign than should people in incongruent jobs.

    Relationships among Occupational Personality Types           
Source: Reprinted by special permission of the publisher,
Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc., from Making Vocational
Choices, Copyright 1973, 1985, 1992 by Psychological Assessment
Resources, Inc. All rights reserved.

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