User-Centered Website Development
A Human-Computer Interaction Approach












By Dan McCracken and Rosalee Wolfe

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Example Web documents from the Appendix.

Figure 1. A first example.
Figure 2. A page with two levels of headings.
Figure 3. Specifying styles within a document.
Figure 4. Using an external style sheet. (View the style sheet.)
Figure 5. Links, one parent and one child.
Figure 6. Links, one parent and four children.
Figure 7. A page reachable from the document in Figure 6.
Figure 8. An ordered list.
Figure 9. A simple definition list.
Figure 10. An outline of the Encyclopedia Britannica's coverage of the Solar System. Default ordered numbering.
Figure 11. A possible custom numbering of an ordered list.
Figure 12. Graphics as bullets.
Figure 13. The parts and relationships of the box model (not HTML).
Figure 14. An illustration using the box model.
Figure 15. An example of a table. (Style1.css and FlowerStyle.css).
Figure 16. One of the child pages reachable from the document in Figure 15.
Figure 17. Simple form displaying a variety of form elements.
Exercises For box model exercise DDMmusic.htm
  For box model exercise DDMmusic.css
  For table exercise ColorTableWithFullAccess8.html
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