The Definitive SGML Buying Resource

From the inventor of SGML, the world's #1 SGML tools guru, and a team of experts! The SGML Buyer's GuideTM delivers the most complete set of descriptions of SGML and XML resources--and a unique, systematic approach to picking the best solutions. Be among the first to discover the HARPTM Analysis methodology for:

  • Assessing your publishing operations in an intuitive, visual way
  • Inspecting publishing from the unique perspective of "Document
  • Representation"
  • Highlighting bottlenecks and obstacles to productivity
  • Determining your needs for publishing products and services
  • Use the software and HARP materials on the CD-ROM to systematically analyze and diagram many common publishing scenarios--including book publishing, proposal preparation, documentation, and electronic publishing. You'll get HARP diagrams that instantly show you the product and service capabilities you need to build a publishing system that meets your requirements. The SGML Buyer's Guide delivers expert advice on exactly what to look for and what to ask. It also contains authoritative descriptions of more than 150 SGML and XML tools, services, and vendors, covering:

  • Editing and composition
  • Browsing and electronic delivery
  • Document conversion
  • Document storage, management, and workflow
  • Information and software development
  • Don't miss the exclusive Sponsor Showcase Supplement--in print and on CD-ROM--with in-depth information, white papers, SGML samples, live demos, and trialware. Plus 45 great, genuinely FREE SGML and XML Software packages on CD-ROM!

    It's as simple as this: if you're a publishing manager or information professional, SGML technology--and this book--can revolutionize the way you do business. By an extraordinary team of SGML experts:

    Charles F. Goldfarb-Inventor of SGML and HyTime, is at Information Management Consulting in Saratoga, California.
    Steve Pepper-The leading SGML tools expert, is Senior Information Architect at STEP Infotek in Oslo, Norway.
    Chet Ensign -Manages SGML systems, standards, and tools at Matthew Bender & Company, Inc., New York City.

    And these top SGML industry consultants:

    Linda A. Burman
    Eliot Kimber
    John Chelsom
    Bob Ducharme

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