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Goal Setting


Goal Setting

During high school, you had the chance to develop relationships with your teachers. Chances are, you enjoyed the classes more if you had a positive relationship with the teacher. You probably even made better grades in the classes that you knew the teachers the best. The same thing is going to be true at college -- get to know your instructors!

A first impression is a lasting impression. Do you know the saying, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression?" Well, it's true! Most professors remember everything, and they will remember everything about you. Here are a few pointers for making a good impression and getting your relationship with your instructors off to a good start:

  • Go to class. It is hard to form a relationship if you aren't there. If you are sick or have to miss a class, let your professor know in advance.
  • Be on time. Coming to class after the instructor begins can be disruptive and even rude. Again, if you know that you are going to have to be late, let your professor know in advance.
  • Sit up front where you can be seen. You have to make contact with your instructor to form a relationship with them. It is hard to make any kind of a connection hiding on the back row.
  • Participate in class discussions. When it is your turn, speak up and be heard. Let your professor know that you are paying attention and are interested in the class material.
  • Ask for help. If you need help, visit your professor during their office hours. It is usually much easier to develop a relationship with someone one-on-one.
After you make a good first impression, keep up the good work. Continue to work on forming the relationship. Just like any kind of a relationship, your relationship with your professor will need nurturing during the rest of the semester.

Always remember that professors are people too. They are human just like you are. Don't be intimidated by them. If you have a professor that comes across "mean" or "arrogant" in the classroom, chances are that it is just their teaching style. If you feel overwhelmed in class, take time outside of class to get to know a little more about them. They will be much more approachable one-on-one.











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