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Features self-grading vocabulary and grammar exercises as well as guided and open-ended web-based activities. Practice tests, video-based comprehension activities, the complete audio program, and an interactive game and flashcard module are included to enhance self-study.

Onekey (3rd edition)
Features resources for both students and instructors, including the complete Student Activities Manual with integrated audio, video and web materials.

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Basic Companion Website (2nd edition)

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John T. McMinn, Austin Community College

Nuria Alonso García, Providence College

ISBN: 0-13-191408-1
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Copyright: 2006


General description
¡Trato hecho! Spanish for Real Life is an innovative beginning Spanish program that emphasizes the features of Spanish needed for everyday communication in students' communities or places of work. The text uses a flexible, modular organization that breaks each chapter into five interrelated Temas followed by a cultural magazine. Each Tema corresponds to a language function and comprises a vocabulary module and grammar module. This format gives busy students materials organized into clear, compact and functional sections that they can then use to test their abilities and apply new material before moving on. ¡Trato hecho! not only develops proficiency in and appreciation for the Spanish language, but also fosters students' understanding of Hispanic cultures and their growing importance in the world by providing contexts that emphasize the usefulness of Spanish in daily life in North America, as well as when traveling around the world.

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